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Jacqueline Warner, ma, lmft

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The foundation of Live Oak Counseling is based on the Live Oak tree. 

It is called a “live” oak because it remains green and full of life throughout the winter, unlike other oaks, which become leafless and dormant.  It is a resilient, hardy, beautiful tree, which grows to be the vast centerpiece of any landscape for years to come.  The Live Oak is the sturdy, protective, charming canopy you want to sit under in your backyard, and have your children swing from during the summer.

The Live Oak represents what many of us desire in our lives – stability, resilience, vitality, beauty, and growth.  At Live Oak Counseling, I collaborate with you to meet your goals.  After all, this is your life, and my goal is to walk with you in achieving the life you want and need. 

my credentials

I received my Masters of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fairfield University.  I have received invaluable experience working with clients in outpatient therapy settings, as well as the Yale Child Study Center Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS) program.

I enjoy helping couples grow stronger relationships

In my private practice I am passionately invested in working with couples to build and rebuild a solid foundation of trust and interconnectedness.  Whether married, cohabiting, dating, or unsure, I have worked with a variety of relational situations.  I am an Advanced Trained Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapist (EFT) which helps you to identify areas of mistrust, wounds, and "misses", which impact the ability to connect.  Humans are attachment-based creatures, and EFT works to repair and rebuild broken or injured attachments in your relationship.  For more information, please see Links & Resources or Contact to directly discuss. 

A majority of couples hope to build more effective communication skills, decrease conflict, find more time for each other, and work through painful experiences, among other concerns.  Alongside EFT I use a variety of techniques to achieve these goals based on your needs.  Everyone is different, and I work to respect and understand your personality, and "style", so our time together is comfortable, meaningful, and maybe even fun! :)

In addition to helping couples rebuild, I am passionate about helping you discern the direction of your relationship. If separation or divorce are necessary we can focus on how to walk through it in a healthy way for you, your partner, and children.  Divorce and separation are never easy, but Live Oak is here to walk with you should you determine that is the best choice.

Finding meaningful time together as a family

I also adore working with families.  Together we can foster healing, create structure, and find a healthy balance between control and freedom, work and play.  I mostly focus on families with teens as I thoroughly enjoy supporting you during this critical stage.  Families with teenagers are often stressed to the max, and trying to grow with their children (these amazing, budding adults with passion, attitude, and sometimes a chaotic tornado around them!).  It's an exciting time for everyone ripe for meaningful time spent together, but brings with it days of tug-of-war, feelings of future loss, and uncertainty about the future.  Sometimes things can get so off track, so quickly, and it's hard to find your way back.  Together we can navigate this season, so you and your children come out with a bond you can trust in.

Working with men and women moving your lives forward

Providing a safe space for men and women to individually explore, process, heal and move forward is a privilege as well.  I have seen the benefits of individual therapy over the years, and believe that when you put in the "work" of therapy, you will see progress, and healing.


In addition to my love for helping others, I am a lover of travel, adventures, excellent BBQ, anything peacock related, and my furry American Eskimo dog.  Originally from Texas, I have been blessed to also live on the west coast, the mid-Atlantic, and New England.  Despite the distance, I have maintained close relationships with family and friends, and made many more in beautiful Connecticut!  I adore the time I have with the people in my life, and try to make the most of every moment!  Through certain hardships and loses I have learned the importance of laughter, connection, maintaining faith in oneself, and trusting "the process".

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