Rates for individual, family, and couples counseling/therapy

Accepted insurance plans include Husky/Medicaid, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.
I will also work with you and your insurance provider Out-of-Network.  Please contact your insurance company and ask for your OON Behavioral Health benefits. (see below for additional guidance).  If you have Cigna, Aetna, or Connecticare I encourage you to explore this option.
Please be advised in order to use your insurance benefits you will need to receive an appropriate mental health diagnosis.  We can discuss this further, but the only way to avoid a diagnosis is through self-pay.
I accept cash, check, credit/debit and HSA cards.


$135/Hour* session

$175/90-minute session


PREPARE/ENRICH PREMARITAL and couples counseling:

Free – initial 30-minute consultation, and $50 at the end of consult to begin program (covers the cost of the inventory)

$85/Hour* session for 6 sessions; regular therapy rate of $125 after

OR prepaid program of 6 sessions for $450 total ($60 savings)



What to ask your insurance company to receive Out-of-Network Mental Health and Therapy Services:

  • What is my out-of-network benefit for outpatient mental health?
  • Is a pre-authorization for services required?
  • How many sessions do I get under this benefit?
  • Is Jacqueline Warner, LMFT an acceptable provider for this benefit?
    (contact me if they need my ID number or NPI).
  • What is the deductible?
  • What is the policy year (i.e. Jan 1 – Dec 31)?
  • How much of the deductible has been met this year to date?
  • What is the copay once the deductible has been met?
  • To what address should the bills be sent? 
  • Will the company reimburse the client or the provider once deductible has been met?

This information can be confusing, and even overwhelming, at times.  Please know I am here to support you in this process.  I will happily help answer your questions, or find the answers if I don't have them.

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